Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Projects

We have decided to wait and start the dining room remodel after we return from our honeymoon. In the down time, we are doing some small projects around the house. With a little help from Smalls, Greg completed the installation of new shower fixtures in our hall bath. We gave it a test run and are happy to report we have a steady stream of cold and hot water. Hurray for small improvements. The truly lucky people will be any visitors we have. This is a great improvement over the trickle of water that once filled this tub/shower.

Smalls holding down the fixture box.

The new shower head and faucet

I had been looking for a large piece of sheet metal to hang in my design room to hang inspiration photos and any projects I'm working on. We found a large piece at Lowes which had some rusty worn marks that make it look old which I found to fit in well with the rest of our house. Greg and his trusty tools drilled through the plaster and lathe to install in on the wall. Can't wait to put it to use.

Since I have had a nasty cold this week, I've been using the weekend to rest up. The thought of going to the gym wears me out, so I decided to work on my coffee table. I have 4 Italianate brackets that once hung under the eaves of the house my mom and aunt grew up in. My plan is to transform these brackets into legs of a coffee table. I have one leg complete. I worked on the other 3 legs today. One bracket received a coat of paint. The other two brackets were cleaned of the cobwebs that had collected in Marilyn's barn, sanded down and given a coat of primer. Maybe next weekend they'll get another coat.

Another step closer to finishing the coffee table