Sunday, August 29, 2010

Room One of Carpet Removal

After a morning of hiking, lunch at Bo-Mac's in Shoals, and an unexpected but extremely enjoyable afternoon visit with Ish and Vicmary, we began pulling up the carpet in what we refer to as the nursery.  Not because we use it as one, but because we believe it formerly was one.  Our clues: switch plate for the overhead light and window valances have a children's theme to coordinate with the baby blue painted walls.  Anyway, a few months ago Greg had the urge to pull back the carpet in hopes of finding hardwoods and he was pleasantly surprised.  So today was the day to pull out the old carpet.  Our carpets are so dusty that we hope that by removing them, allergy symptoms will gradually fade away.  After a lot of sneezing in a short amount of time, the carpet and padding are out in the trash.  We have a few more staples to remove but for the most part demo is complete.  We'll need to sand and refinish in the future, but at least we won't have to install new floors.  We hope to have the same luck in the other three bedrooms.  We will save that discovery for a another day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Something Unexpected

Today Greg set out to work on the shield on the arch over our front door. The paint needed removed from it before painting it to coordinate with the arch. Look at what he found.
We don't know if this is was stenciled by the previous owner (whose name was Schlotter) or maybe the original builder. Unfortunately our name doesn't begin with S, although maybe it could represent my middle name, so we will continued with our plans and painted it. Maybe a future owner will have use for the "S" shield. As long as they don't mind it being pink.