Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finally - doors! And a surprise visit.

The story of our sunroom doors is DELAY.  We ordered them in April and didn't get installed until mid-summer.  They still aren't complete but at least they are usable.  My blog post is also delayed so....I blame the doors.  Or maybe I should blame the supplier of the doors.  Thankfully we do love the look of the doors.  Next step...stain the doors.  When time allows.

Now, about the surprise visit.  A few weeks ago Greg came in the house with a couple from Evansville - William and Marilyn Zinn.  They were joyriding on a sunny weekend and drove by the house.  Marilyn lived here in her teen years.  They asked to come inside and see how the house looks now.  They were very positive about all of our changes.  Marilyn grew up sleeping in the bedroom nearest the sunroom roof.  We took her up there to take a look at it (it's about to become Quinn's new bedroom).  She said they used to sunbathe on the sunroom roof.  I'm sure Quinn will sneak out on to that roof at some point.  I recall when my brother and I would sneak out his bedroom window at night and sit on the roof after our parents had gone to bed.  Amazing our parents never heard us since that roof was right above their bedroom.  I digress...maybe this story is should be labeled TANGENT.

Until I post again...