Monday, July 20, 2009

Dining Room and Hallway Update

We were actually home this weekend so we had some time to work on the dining room. We touched up the ceiling and crown molding and cleaned up our mess. Then we were able to move our furniture in back and actually use it as a dining room once again. We still need to make and hang some curtains, as well as hang some pictures on the walls, but so far we think it looks great.

Of course when one project ends, another begins. The 1st floor hallway had been started back in May when my Aunt and Mom helped remove the wallpaper. Next up: remove the paneling. Unfortunately, it doesn't come off as easily as the wallpaper. The paneling was glued to the plaster so when we pulled down the paneling, we also pulled down pieces of plaster. When traveling in Italy, I liked this weathered look, but in our own house, it's just a crumbly mess. Looks like the next task will be plastering. Be sure to check out our photo site for more renovation photos.