Sunday, February 5, 2012

Epicenter of Awesome

Saturday Greg and I drove to Indianapolis to enjoy Super Bowl Eve.  We were expecting heavy traffic but we sailed right through.  We passed a bill board calling the Super Bowl Village the 'Epicenter of Awesome'.  We hoped the claim would be true.

We met Kay at her house and left from there.   We started with brunch at Taste.  If you haven't eaten there, we highly recommend it.  Breakfast burrito with chorizo, basil tomato caprese sandwich, zesty salad and lemon bar.  All of the food excellent.  Good thing we were able to walk off all of that food the rest of the day.

We took winter coats, hats and gloves with us, hoping we wouldn't need them.  Very glad we had them because it was a rainy and chilly day.  Despite the cold and rain, the faithful fans and curious Indiana residents came downtown to see what the fuss was about.  It's been unseasonably warm weather so in reality, 40's in February is warm weather.

We started our walk along the Canal which recently had a face lift with a variety of murals.

Next we came upon Victory Field which had turned into a beach volleyball court.  This is also where Dan Patrick has been recording his show all week.  Greg is a big fan of DP...he looks excited.

The people riding on the zip line looked like they were having a lot of fun but we weren't willing to wait in line.  We felt bad for the lady who got stuck on the zip line and had to be retrieved.

Our marketing minds pondered the budget there had to be for all of the Super Bowl signage. The signs looked great and provided lots of photo opportunities.

Here we are at Monument Circle, doing our part to support the Super Bowl.

We tried to see the Lego Lucas Oil Stadium on display in the JW Marriott but only those with credentials or room key could get in to the hotel.  If you haven't seen it, check in out online.  The creator is from Bloomington. 

Georgia Street was closed to automobile traffic.  Two stages were set up for bands.  While we were there, we heard the Born Again Floozies.  They are the only band I've ever seen that has a tap dancer as part of the act.  The people in the crowds were nice, despite the not-so-great weather.  One man did push through the crowd when we were listing to the BAF as though he was wearing his football pads...either reliving some high school glory days or just excited for the big game.

Downtown grew busier and busier as evening arrived.  Jon, Liz and their friends were driving down from Chicago to enjoy the festivities.  In what must have been a scheduling error, the IU/PU men's basketball game was scheduled on Super Bowl Eve.  We walked towards Mass Ave to find a restaurant with TVs to watch the game.  Many others had the same idea.  We ended up at the Elbow Room to enjoy some local bar food and lots of TVs - best of all - an IU win.  Jon and his friends didn't arrive in time to join us for the game - too busy wearing authentic Super Bowl rings.  I'm still debating whether or not that was a valid excuse.

We met Jon on our walk towards the Georgia Street.  We were fortunate to get some free tickets to one of the many tent parties downtown.  Jon and his friends had other plans so we went our separate ways.  We went to the DJ Pauly D party.  He was the headliner for a few DJs at this party.  Until this night, I could not have told you you DJ Pauly D was.  For the rest of you who don't know, he's on Jersey Shore.  I must admit, he was my least favorite DJ of the night.  Nonetheless, we had a fun time dancing.

We ended the night grabbing a sub at Jimmy John's around 2 am and a final photo of Greg with the JW Marriott Vince Lombardi trophy image.  A very fun Super Bowl Eve.  Indy hosted a great party.  It was the Epicenter of Awesome.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bedroom painting complete!

We finally finished painting the bedroom.  Time to put the room back together....