Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bathroom is complete..and some other architectural notes

The bathroom basement is officially complete. Someday we will add some storage but since we are moving on to new projects, it's time to say it's done. The washer/dryer is back to full use but what really signifies that the bathroom is complete is that "The Corner" sign is hung up. The old owners had this hanging in the same corner when it was the beauty shop. Most of their beauty shop no longer exists, but we gave the letters a fresh coat of alabaster paint and hung them back up. This room will always be known as The Corner.

Last weekend we took a break from home renovation. We drove the new Altima to Louisville for the day. We visited a variety of places - Home Depot (they need to have a discount card for as many times as we shop there), Dick's Sporting Goods, Glassworks glass museum, and two salvage yards - Architectural Salvage and Joe Ley. Joe Ley offered more antiques than salvage. Architectural Salvage intrigued us more and provided our minds with more ideas for future projects. The door above provided another idea for potential new front door. Some day we'd like to get a new one that is better insulated. We looked through lots of old doors and shutters as potential tops for the coffee table that I started what is at least 3 years ago. Maybe in another 3 years I'll get it done.

This week Greg started his next project. The water was down to a trickle in the upstairs hall bath. He removed the old fixtures and has been working diligently to get the new plumbing and fixtures installed. Today it is working, although he has to get a new shut off valve as it is leaking (always seems to be something). We still don't get as much water flow as we'd like, but this will do until we do a full bath renovation...years from now.
Last night we went to the French Lick Winery and West Baden Springs Hotel for Jenny's birthday. We had an Italian dinner at the winery and spent the rest of the evening in the hotel lobby and bar. The hotel has undergone a fabulous renovation. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting. The picture is of the lobby dome. The girls wondered the lobby, as well as some took the elevator up to the top floor in hopes of stepping out onto a balcony but unfortunately couldn't gain access. The guys took their seats at the bar and talked of past fishing trips and looked forward to the upcoming May trip. We all enjoyed the extremely wide lounge seating and I suspect someday we'll have to find one for our living room.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

It's 99% done...

Believe it or not, our basement is finally functional. Baseboards are up in the basement and the new bathroom. Carpet is vacuumed. Tools are no longer stored on the couch cushions. The ping pong table is no longer the work bench. The washer and dryer have been wheeled to the basement and are hooked up and working - (Greg and Chad moved them down there...I made them pancakes for breakfast to show my thanks). We celebrated the almost completion of the renovated basement by hosting a ping pong tourney Saturday night. We enjoyed Greg's chili and then retreated to the basement for the February Frenzy (ok, I'll admit I just came up with that one. It's the closest thing I could think of in comparison to March Madness. Maybe it will become an annual tradition. We don't have parties in the summer due to the lack of air conditioning so it makes sense for us to host parties in the winter. All of the body heat makes our chilly house feel cozy and warm). Here are some pics to see the before and after. I'm happy to see it looks like a completely different room. Makes all of the time and effort worth it.