Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just a Little Painting

Just a few painting projects being done around the house.  Painting windowsills, woodwork, and a coat on the master bathroom wall.
Windowsill painting....and pretty leaves outside.  Greg really did clean up leaves on Saturday morning, but we can no longer tell after the rain and wind knocked down more Saturday afternoon.
Before and After.  I don't understand why the previous owners left the outer trim stained while painting the inner trim white.  Now it is all white.  Now, will I leave the sidelights stained or paint them?  Just have to wait and see.

A coat of Wool Skein paint on the master bathroom walls and painted the windowsill Alabaster.  Nothing too fancy, just to get us through the next few years before we remodel this room.
As always, more pics at our photo website.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wall Improvement - art addition and paper removal

This weekend we reviewed "The List".  We've been able to check off the window replacement and refinishing the stairs.  Most of the remaining items were outdoor projects for which we ran out of good weather.  Those items will be postponed to 2011.  We developed a new list.  The last thing we crossed off the existing list was putting glass into the picture frames that Greg built for the posters we bought in NYC over three years ago.  We are making a return visit to NYC in a few weeks.  I wonder what we will find this time...maybe we will finish it another three years from now.

Now, to the new list.  When Greg installed the exhaust fan a few weeks ago, the wallpaper began to peel off the wall.  This weekend Greg tore down the blue-striped wallpaper in the master bathroom.  He also repaired the cracks in the plaster.  Later we'll put on a coat or two of paint.  Nothing too fancy since this bath remodel isn't expected for a few more years. 
Old Wallpaper in master bath
Wallpaper removed in master bath

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drumroll Please: Staircase - Before and After

 The staircase before, covered in 30-year old worn mint green carpet.

Returned to it original wooden glory. 

Next, wallpaper removal?  Only time will tell.
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