Saturday, March 9, 2013

1+1+1+1+1+1 = Lots of Home Renovations

Today marks the 6th year of us owning our 1920's home.  It has come a long way.  In terms of tenants it has gone through a few changes and additions.  Started with Greg and Sam.  Shortly after Smalls joined.  About 6 months after that I moved in.  Next to join were Poppy and Sophie.  And of course the latest and greatest - Quinn.  The house has gone through just as many changes.  Here's a snapshot of changes we have made.                                         
 Drive by photo - before Greg took the plunge and made an offer.

 We bought a house with a beauty shop!

 No more beauty shop!

 Front Entrance when we moved in.
 Front entrance with a pop of orange!

 Tearing out the carpet on the stairs.

 A return to the original wood stairs.

 Goodbye radiators.

 Refinished hardwood floors

Can't wait for Spring to get here and our house look like this again!

The latest front stoop use - photo backdrop for family photos.

Not sure many renovations will happen to the house this year.  Quinn will keep us busy!