Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sophie Colored Curtains

You may have heard of Rose Colored Glasses. We have Sophied colored curtains in our living room. Yes, Sophie has the same coloring as our curtains. Not planned, just worked out this way. The six panels were completed this weekend. As usual they took longer to sew than planned. Need to purchase a few more sheers to complete the look but it is already looking better than our old curtains. Into my 30's and my klutzy nature is still in tact. When attempting to hammer a grommet into my curtain tiebacks, I smashed my thumb. It smashed so hard that a blood blister popped out the other side of my thumb. Only me. Only me sewing curtains.
Sophie playing in the fabric scrap. See...she's the same color.

Poppy, definitely not the same color, but still having fun.
Greg continued to work in the kitchen. This weekend he replaced the garbage disposal and light switch. He also tore down some plaster to update the knob and tube wiring for the ceiling fan to new wiring. Wiring is now replaced. Greg has begun to plaster the holes. Maybe the walls will be repaired by the time our new ceiling fan is delivered. It is an Ebay find.

Greg's new wiring and drywall/plaster repair.
As always, check our more renovation photos throug our photo web link.
I leave for Canada for work on Tuesday so I won't be doing any work on the house this week. We'll see if Greg feels productive while I'm gone, or if he spends his time playing video games. I know what my bet is.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitchen updates have begun

A week ago Monday Greg had the day off, from his office that is. He did not take the day off in our house. I returned home from work to find a fine layer of white dust, followed by a layer of red dust, throughout the house. I thought he may tackle some electrical wiring or plaster repair. Greg did both. I think the plaster repair went rather quickly so then he jumped into wiring. That's when the slowdown began. Our house has outer walls composed of two layers of brick. Two of the outlets he was replacing (because they are still knob and tube) are on outer walls - hence the red layer of dust. Nothing quite like sawing through brick. He wasn't able to finish those outlets that Monday but throughout the week he did little tasks and by Saturday we had three new outlets in the kitchen. There are still more outlets and switches to replace but he's made a good start. Next we need to move two cabinets. That job is going to require some friends for their muscles and we haven't decided when we want to move them.

This fabric will soon be our new living room curtains. Saturday I sewed 5 of the six panels. I ran out of thread so hopefully I can finish this coming weekend, provided the grommets that I ordered arrive. I also ordered new curtain rods that we'll need to install. Little by little, our home is getting updated.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The List

I don't recall that I have ever written about "The List". Our friends in southern Indiana are familar with the list as they often hear Greg and I refer to it. "The List" is our current renovation to do list. I had mentioned to Greg this week that I was starting to feel like painting again. He knew our extended renovation vacation was nearing an end. While eating breakfast on the couch this morning, we started our spring 2010 "List". There are over 20 items on it, but this is a detailed list (so we have the opportunity to cross more things off - it just makes us feel good). Most of the actions are found in our kitchen. We don't have plans to make a complete renovation (I really want new countertops and backsplash but they will have to wait). Earlier this year I blogged that my mom and aunt came for a weekend visit and removed the kitchen wallpaper, except for a couple far-reaching corners. A couple months ago I bought the new paint - Bamboo Shoot. Like I said, I'm starting to feel like painting. Before I can start, Greg needs to do some plaster repair and rewire the kitchen outlets. When creating our new "list" we keep in mind that some unexpected items may make their way on to the list. For example, our refrigerator and stove are now 30 years old so we know they won't last much longer. We've been dreaming of a new fridge for a while so we look at them in the hardware stores from time to time. The style that we want will not fit in our current fridge space. Actually, we only found 1 fridge that would POSSIBLY would be very tight. So, today we made the decision that we would move the upper cabinets higher on the wall so we can get a new fridge, someday. This will also help, for that day when we do get new countertops because two sets of our cabinets actually sit on the counter. We would have to move the cabinets in order to remove and install new counters. This cabinet change will help with the renovations AND provide extra counterspace. We have plenty of cabinets but we definitely lack in counterspace.
These are the two sets of cabinets that we plan to raise higher
on the wall to help with future renovations
This afternoon we started to tackle our "List". We removed the wallpaper in those far reaching corners and behind the refridgerator. Now, I'll be waiting for Greg's plastering and electrical skills before I can start painting. In the mean time, I have a new art project that I started a month or so ago, which I affectionately refer to as "Orb". I also have fabric to start sewing new living room curtains. Like I said, our "List" full and we are slowly digging in.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

It is 2010. Not sure where 2009 went, but it's now in the past. I don't have any home renovations to share. During our holiday travels, I had one particular blog follower ask (you know who you are) when I was going to post another update. She wanted to see our holiday decorations. Due to having two kittens, we limited our decorations because they get into everything. We hope to put our tree up in 2010. So no holiday decorations to show. We did decorate the cats with antlers...that's as close we we got.

Hard to believe that my week of vacation is over. I really don't feel like we had a vacation. I started my time off with the flu. It wasn't until New Year's Eve that I felt 100% again. Now Greg isn't feeling well. Not sure if he has what I had, but he certainly isn't his normal self.

We did a lot of traveling - to Kentland, to Flint, back to Washington with a pitstop in Indy to pick up Jon, to Jasper for Monday Night Football, to Bloomington so Jon could meet Liz, to Linton for the Jones Christmas, back to Jasper for New Year's Eve, and to Indy for some shopping and to visit the newest addition to the Faletic family. No wonder I don't feel like we had a vacation.

Hope you have a happy and healthy 2010! And maybe we'll have some more renovation updates soon. I'm hoping to paint the kitchen and sew some living room curtains.