Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Adventure Continues

This is my last week at home with Quinn before returning to work full-time.  Greg and I were fortunate to share the time off with Quinn's arrival.  I'm sure we are not the first to do this, but we haven't talked to anyone else who has done this.  We both took the first month off, but we traded weeks off from work the following two months.  With an adoption, neither of us are home on medical leave so it only made sense to share this time with Quinn.  We wanted him to get know both of us. I love that Quinn recognizes both of our voices and faces.

It has been beneficial in many ways, but not without its struggles.  But the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  Sure, the weeks in the office are crazy busy because you are attempting to catch up on the weeks you missed, working on the current week's issues and trying to work on the upcoming week that you'll be out.  We are so lucky to have coworkers who have jumped in to keep our offices moving forward.

Of course seeing Quinn grow has been fun.  Every day he is more awake and noticing new things about the world.  Equally as important is Greg and I experiencing days home with Quinn, alone.  We both now know why you can be home an entire day and not accomplish anything other than feeding Quinn and changing his diapers.  It's amazing how that can consume a day.  You feel a sense of accomplishment when you get the dishes washed and laundry cleaned too.

Next week is Greg's final week home with Quinn before returning to work full time.  Then a new adventure will begin - daycare.  I'm excited to see Quinn get older, make friends and continue learning. I know the adventure has just begun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bath Time

Obviously Quinn occupies much our he should.  Despite the huge change to our lives, Greg has still found time to do some updates around the house.  In our bedroom, he double hung the closet so we'd have more room for clothes.  I can't store my clothes in Quinn's closet anymore.

Some small but impactful changes have been made in the hall bath.  It's the bathroom we use to give Quinn a bath and prepare his nighttime bottles.  The faucet was very difficult to turn on and off, especially if Quinn was in our arms.  Love the two separate levers for the new faucet.

The light switch was actually a button. Sometimes it took 5-6 pushes before the light turned on.  Now with a flip of a switch we can easily turn the lights on and off.

Yes, sometimes it is the little things.