Monday, May 31, 2010

Year Two: Cotton

Yes, today marks our 2nd anniversary. According to the anniversary gift listing, year two is cotton. I didn't use this listing for my year one gift for Greg, but this year I was feeling creative so I went with it. What did I decide upon? T-shirts. My t-shirts for Greg were our past, present and future.

1. Ball State - where we first met.
2. Butler - where we reunited. Well, we didn't reunite at Butler, but it was in Indy and since I felt Greg needed a Butler shirt after their NCAA basketball run, that's what he got. Technically, I should have gotten him a Rathskeller shirt.
3. Bocce Ball - a game we like to play (his instant favorite shirt)
4. Cinque Terre - we spent part of our honeymoon here. If we ever fall into a lot of money, we'd also like to retire here, owning the pizzeria and gelateria in Vernazza, living in the apartment above. Nothing wrong with a little dreaming.

Of course, Greg didn't know that this was the year of cotton but he had mentioned that he would buy me a Beatles t-shirt at Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, so it worked out perfectly. We spent the day at the festival on Sunday. It's an annual five day festival; this being the first year we had attended. We had a really fun time. Many different bands play at five venues. Guests can wander and listen at any venue. The bands varied in style. We saw a band of gentleman in their 50's and 60's in full suits playing the Beatles of the 1964 time. They had to be hot in those suits because we were sweating in our shorts and t-shirts.

Next we saw a band with a definite 80's influence. Just check out that hair. They were a lot of fun and a nice change.

The most fun band we saw were the Newbees. They had three different singers, including a girl. They were the only band that had a female singer and she had a great voice. Also loved the Newbees because they included violins and cellos, great for Eleanor Rigby. They ended their show by playing Abbey Road from Polythene Pam to Her Majesty. I just love She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. One of my favs. Then we had a bit of a rain intermission. Luckily it blew over quickly. We were hit and miss on bands early in the evening. Then a band called Instant Karma (another fav of mine) played the entire Imagine album. They did a great job. Lightning and thunder were making a return so the band played as many more John Lennon songs as they could, including Jealous Guy. The final song before the skies poured with rain was Instant Karma. Again, my lucky day.

When the skies cut loose, we made a dash for the underground parking garage which connects to the Galt House Hotel, the site of the indoor venues. We found one of the Beatles rooms and sat in our lawn chairs. In here we listened to the entire White Album, from start to finish. I must admit this isn't one of my favorite albums. But the band did a fabulous job and was really into their performance. I do have a couple of favorite songs from that album, like Ob-li-di, Ob-li-da and Blackbird, and enjoyed singing along. All in all a great Beatles day, with my best guy. We would definitely go again. We all need a renovation break every now and then.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exhausted. A Good Exhausted.

Whew. Last weekend was quite a weekend. We were exhausted. Needed another day just to rest. As I wrote in my last post, the window installation had begun. We were originally told this would be a 1-2 day job. Greg didn't believe it. The installers confirmed Greg was right. It would take more than two days.

Friday was Day 2 of windows. It started liked most days have been lately. Cloudy with the expectation of rain. The installers arrived in the morning and continued the installation. Poppy and Sophie were shut in the laundry room to keep them from jumping out open windows and getting in the way. Maybe Poppy trying to escape the laundry room should have been our sign that something was coming.

The weather stations had been calling for rain all day long but we considered ourselves lucky because so far, just a few sprinkles. Late afternoon we heard some sirens. The sirens kept repeating and the sky was getting dark. We were under a tornado and severe storm warning. The guys hurridly kept working since some windows were strictly holes to the outdoors. It started to rain. The guys took cover in our garage as it poured. One worker hurried to install a basement window to prevent the pool of water forming outside of it from running in. The streets flowed like rivers. As the downpour began to lighten, we noticed that Oak St was beginning to flood. The neighborhood stood along the road, wondering how high the water would get. The window installers quickly returned to work. Luckily, the water didn't get any higher than this and quickly subsided. Photo was taken right in front of our house.

All windows were installed by Friday night. They said they would return on Saturday to finish trimming them out. The guys couldn't wait for this job to be done. It was one of the most difficult they had ever done. Our old windows were metal and were installed directly into the mortar. All the glass had to broken out in order to remove them. At one time I had thought about keeping one small window to reuse as a photo frame. Glad I changed my mind. The windows were mangled by the time they were removed.

Saturday we were up and working early. Greg and I painted the first coat of orange on the metal arch over the front door while Marilyn wiped down all of the window sills. Then we began cleaning up the house. Vacuuming broken glass. Wiping down the dust. Hanging up curtains. The guys finished trimming the windows. They have to return later to install one more window (wrong size ordered), replace two screens, and replace parts of 3 windows (one missing grids and two missing frosted glass). In the afternoon, my parents arrived. Greg and I painted a second coat on the arch while Mom and Marilyn washed windows and Dad removed hardware along the window trim from our old windows. Thank you for all of your help!

Yes, we let them relax later.

It is so nice to be able to open up all of our windows and let the air circulate. Many of our old windows were rusted shut and had never opened since we moved in. As much as we enjoy the new bright, clean windows, there may be two others who enjoy them even more.

Check out our photo blog for MANY more window photos.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The beginning of new windows

Here's a sneak 1 of installation of new windows.

Check out our photowebsite for more before and after window photos. Still expecting 1-2 more days to finish installation. The white interiors really freshen up the inside. Can't wait until it is done!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Front Door Arch - Coat #1

Saturday we painted the arch with the first coat of primer. It will need another coat before we start to paint the arch. Unfortunately it is raining this morning. We are hoping the rain ends soon so we can put on another layer of primer this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Organized basement work area


A couple of weeks ago we went to the local Masterbrand annual cabinet sale and bought some odds and ends cabinets for the basement. Greg had been waiting for this sale so he could organize all of his handy tools he collects in the basement. He had last Friday off from work so he started the morning by cleaning out the basement. He created a level raised base to set the cabinets upon in case the basement should ever flood. He pushed the bases out from the wall to create storage space for wood and drywall scraps from projects. He secured the cabinets to the bases. He created a section at a lower level to set his chop saw. With the height difference, items that he is cutting will set level upon the higher service. As Greg would say, not just a hat rack. He's got brains and put them to use when planning his layout. He left some open space for storage bins and the occasionally necessary cat carriers. He even carved out some room for the cooler. Personally, I think this was the next best thing instead on installing a refrigerator for his tasty drinks when working away in the basement. As long as he continues to help remodel the house, I'd say he deserves it. He topped off the cabinets with some sturdy MDF. Now, when we will have time to fill up those cabinets? He may need another day off to do that.