Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No more banging doors

This picture is of our back door entry. In one space you can enter or exit the outdoors, garage and basement. Unfortunately it was common for the basement door to be open with cats sliding up and down the basement stairs, preventing us from getting in from the outdoors or garage. We had discussed switching the garage door so it opened into the garage but the garage is small and the door would hit the car. We thought about opening the door into the basement but either it would cover the railing or light switch. I was about to agree to Greg's idea of a bifold door (despite my dislike for them) when he came up with the final solution: a commercial door closer. It keeps the door cracked about 4" so that cats can get in and out of the basement but it won't allow the door to swing open. The perfect solution. Way to go Greg. Another good thing about this project? It kept Greg from returning to the attic to work on the exhaust fan vent. I say it's still too hot!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exhaust(ed) Fan

A few nights ago, we experienced a rainy evening which allowed our non-AC house to cool down to a tolerable level. At 8:30 pm Greg decided it was time to tackle the installation of the exhaust fan in our master bathroom. He told me it will be easier to work on it with cooler air. I reminded him that he had to work in the attic and it would not be cooler. That did not deter him. As I spent the rest of my evening reading, Greg worked until 10 pm. He was a mess, covered in sweat and insullation.

The next day I returned home from work to find a very happy Greg. He had a short day in the office so he spent part of his time at home continuing to work on exhaust fan. He took me upstairs to show off his handiwork. The exhaust fan was installed in the ceiling. New lightswitch, with timer, installed. He showed me how the timer works. He was grinning ear to ear, which meant he had a story. I soon learned that the first round of wiring caused the portable AC unit in our bedroom to turn off and on with the new light. Oops. Later in the afternoon he had an epiphany, which turned out to be correct. and he fixed the wiring issue. He is so good.

What did I notice first about the bathroom? The wallpaper had been removed from the ceiling. Greg said it pullled right off, just like the wallpaper in the hallway downstairs. I love to hear that. I'm sure the wallpaper on the walls will be removed soon, if I have anything to do with it.

The exhaust fan still needs to be connected to the outside, but Greg is one step closer. Guess he's waiting for the next 'cool' day to work on it.