Sunday, October 25, 2009

Small projects update

Last time I wrote, we were working on painting the front door. We have since finished painting the door surround and the front door...just in time for fall. The orange door not only matches our home's mortar, but is perfect for the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays (unintentional I promise). This weekend I sewed a curtain panel for front door. We removed the old sheer a couple months see if the door needed a sheer. Soon we agreed that we liked the privacy of the sheer. I finally got it sewed and hung this weekend. Privacy restored.

Our coffee table is complete. The final touch was an antique art nouveau tile that Greg gave me for Christmas last year. The table now resides in our living room. We eat dinner at it; it holds our laptop; we rest our feet on it as we watch a movie; the cats use it as a part of their obstacle course. What did we ever do without it?

Speaking of Poppy and Sophie, they have settled into their new home. Never a dull moment. They use magazine pages as a slip n slide. Poppy crawls around our necks like a scarf. Sophie likes to sleep in Greg's sock drawer, even when Greg closes the drawer and leaves her there for a couple hours (unknowingly). Poppy has tried that out too. And their newest past time is watching the fish tank, their version of a TV.