Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 7

We liked the hexagon tile originally in the bathroom so we kept that look on the floor.

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 6

The shower is surrounded with subway tile!

Patching the hole in the kitchen ceiling.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 5

LOTS of drywall installed today.

 Enclosed the plumbing that runs through the dining room.

We can no longer look up at the kitchen ceiling and see the bathroom above!

 Looking into the bathroom from the hallway.

 Drywall where the vanity, medicine cabinet and toilet use to be.

 Drywall where the new vanity will be.

 Drywall on the ceiling...do I call that dryceiling?  Just kidding.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 4

Plumbing work continued...

 Plumbing that will lead to the new vanity.

Plumbing for the bathtub.

Medicine cabinet is removed.

Electrical for new ceiling light.  It works!

 Electrical started for light switches and outlets.

 Beginning the exhaust fan installation.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 3

Plumbing related work began today.

 The toilet was removed.

New toilet location next to old location.  You can see the kitchen below.

This is what the same hole looks like from the kitchen looking up at the ceiling.
Preparing the tub surround to install subway tile.  This is the end where the tub faucet and shower head will be located.

The tub's existing overflow drain.  It's silly but I'll be sad to see it go.  I may need to keep it and and convert it to a new use...maybe a Christmas ornament.  Quinn thinks it looks like a clock so during bath time we would jokingly argue whether it's a clock or drain.  Silly but I loved it.

 The plumbing from the bathroom goes down through our dining room.  When the plumbing work is done, the pipes be enclosed behind drywall.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 2

More Demolition.  The bathroom already feels bigger.  Likely because there isn't much left of it!

We are keeping the bathtub.  It's steel and heavy!  Either the bathtub started as this light grey/purple color, or it was Purple and faded to this color, or was Grey and turned this color.  We are going to have the tub resurfaced.  You can see they removed the laminate behind the tub.

Another view of the wall behind the tub

The faucet view of the tub

 They tore up the hexagon tile (which I loved but wasn't in good shape).  Greg said it took a lot of manpower for them to remove it as it was embedded in a layer of concrete.  No concrete board back then.  

 Laminate removed from the back wall.  Still needs removed from ceiling.

Doorway to the bathroom, view from inside the bathroom.  The wood floor shows how far we extended the bathroom into the hallway.

Hall Bath Renovation: Day 1

Contractors started demolition.  They removed the door (which will be reusing in the bathroom).  They tore out the old wall around the doorway.  Then they built a new wall a few feet into the hallway to make the bathroom longer.  They capped it off with some drywall and plastic to attempt to keep the dust in and Quinn out.

The door is gone.  Starting to remove the drywall.

Wall is extended into the hallway and drywall is up

The contractors also worked on removing the closet from our bedroom.

The closet is ripped out and you can see from our bedroom into the bathroom.  During the demolition they found the old laundry chute.  Leo and Betty, the former owners of the house, had told us there was a laundry chute up there.

 No more closet!
While the contractors were busy inside, Greg started to strip the paint off of the back of the bathroom door.  So far he has stripped off three layers - cream, pink and green.  Is there any wood behind the paint?  We may never know!

P.S.  Quinn survived his first of many showers in the coming days.

Hall Bath Renovation: Before the Contractors Arrive

A little work was done before the contractors arrived.  

The faucet on the hall bath vanity is nicer and newer than the one in our master bath (which also needs remodeled).  Greg moved the newer faucet into the master vanity.  A slight facelist.  It does operate much easier.

 Hall Bath Vanity

Master Bath Vanity with Hall Bath Faucet

Our Master Bedroom needed furniture rearrangement so the closet could be enclosed in our bedroom.  We had to tear this shelf out to move furniture (we had planned to tear it out someday anyway, this renovation forced it to happen). 

The shelf

The shelf removed.  Found some old wallpaper.

 Greg thought the area needed a racing stripe.  I think we have different design tastes.  We will live with it until we remodel the master bedroom (someday).  For those wondering, it's leftover paint from Quinn's playroom/sunroom.

Next Project: Upstairs Hall Bath

Considering the Sunroom/Quinn's playroom remodel took a year to complete, we have opted to hire someone to remodel the hall bathroom.  Their timeline is MUCH shorter.  We are gutting the bathroom (except for the steel, heavy bathtub), moving the toilet and vanity location, and expanding the space by about 3 feet.

We can handle a little extra dust in the house for a couple weeks.  We will see if Quinn can handle taking showers instead of baths for a couple weeks.

Here is what our bathroom looks like now.  Cream, yellow and Purple color scheme.
The built-in cabinet is being torn out. 

This vanity will be moving to where the built-in cabinet is currently located

This closet is in our master bedroom.  It is on the backside of the built-in cabinet.  The bathroom will use the space of the entire closet, plus a little more of the master bedroom space when the renovation is complete.

Sunroom is Finally Done!

 We finally purchased doorknobs for the sunroom doors and Greg installed them last week.