Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Way Overdue Renovation Update

Last time I reported, we had a leak in our upstairs bathroom that led to a wet ceiling in our kitchen.  The faulty sink leak still needed fixed but we had at least found the source of the leak.  Greg the plumber fixed it the next day.

Later in October Greg was ready to use a DIY foam insulator for the sunroom.  As usual in most home renovation projects, it didn't go exactly to plan. Short story: he had a couple faulty parts but once the company shipped the correct working parts, it was very easy to use.  The insulation was completed mid November.

In early November, the final sunroom window (replacing the existing exterior door) and window at the top of our stairs were replaced.  Now all of our windows match and keep the cold air outside.

In the middle of November, temperatures hit 70 degrees.  The warm weather brought some terrible storms, including a tornado that went through our neighborhood.  Luckily the tornado didn't hit our home but it did hit a home 3 doors down.  The tornado took it's roof and dropped iy on our power lines.  It ripped the electric meter off of our house.  We were without power for 3 days until we were able to get it fixed.  It was inconvenient but thankfully no one was hurt.

December was full of holiday celebrations and a fun trip to the Evansville Children's Museum, not allowing much time for home renovations but Greg did a little here and there in the sunroom whenever he had a spare moment, preparing for the next big project: drywall.

In January, drywall began...and is already finished!  We had a big snow which kept us home for a few days, giving Greg some dedicated time in the sunroom.  Next up, drywall taping and mudding.  Then we get to do one of my favorite things - a fresh coat of color on the walls.  This will be the first room where Quinn gets to chose the paint color.  It will be his playroom after all...and I'm certain he'll have my taste in color.