Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photos from the Past

Here are a few photos The Schlotters gave us when they visited during our Open House.

Based on hardware we've found on the exterior of the house, we guessed there were once awnings on the windows.  I definitely like the house better without the awnings.  There also appear to be diamond shapes within the arches above the windows.  I've since noticed a similar diamond in the stonework above our garage.

This is how the kitchen looked when they moved in.  The custom cabinets that the Schlotters installed were a huge improvement.

When we removed the carpet, we could tell there used to be a carpet runner up the stairs and this photo confirms it.  We learned that the stair tread and rise was based on the architect's mother's walk so it would be easy for her to get up and down.  I'm thankful that we don't have the typical steep staircase common in so many older homes.

I was surprised to learn that our current fireplace was not original.  No brick fireplace surround when the Schlotters moved in.

Thanks again to Leo and Betty for the photos!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Open House

We had sunny weather and great friends for our Open House this weekend.  Thanks to everyone who came.  I appreciated everyone who took time from their Saturday to visit, but it was particularly special that Betty and Leo Schlotter came by.  We purchased the house from them.  They brought photos of the house (for us to keep, I may add), showing us how the house looked when they moved in.  I loved seeing how the house has transformed from family to family.  Each homeowner has their own taste and style, but we each leave our mark on the house.

We discussed our removal of the radiators and how Betty disliked the one hanging on the wall by the garage door.  We learned there is a laundry shoot hidden in the upstairs hall bath that travels to the basement.  We talked about the one-armed architect/brick layer who built this house, as well as the house next door.  I'm a history nerd and loved every minute of it.

Greg and I with Betty and Leo Schlotter