Saturday, May 25, 2013


Every fall when we talk about home projects for the following year, we say 'next summer we will work on landscaping'.  Summer comes and goes and the landscaping isn't touched.  Mother Nature thought she'd take the reins this year.  

In between our house and our neighbors, one of our trees died.  Greg began cutting it down last week.   Still a little more to go.

While Greg worked on the tree, I began planting our geraniums in our new owl planters.  

Quinn bounced and enjoyed the warm spring air.

Two days later we had some really strong winds and lost a branch out of a different tree.  Luckily it didn't hit the house but it did take out the tree next to it.

 Greg has been busy cleaning up the limbs.  Still more to do.  Nothing like Mother Nature taking control and making things happen.  Hopefully she's a little nicer about it next time.  But I'll always remember, it could have been worse.