Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clouds Become Bamboo

Ava's cloud room is now just a memory.  It's now Bamboo Shoot green, like our kitchen.  I love  painting because it provides instant gratification.  Still need to paint the trim and sew some curtains but getting closer to completion.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ava's Cloud Room

A few posts ago I mentioned that Greg was fixing some plaster in the blue bedroom.  During our Open House, our little visitor Ava told us that the room was the Cloud Room because of the clouds on the blue walls. I was confused at first until I learned that she thought the plaster repairs looked like clouds.  This may be the most creative plaster job Greg has done.

I'm sure Ava would be disappointed to know that we plan to paint over her clouds soon.  Greg has been sanding his plaster repairs while I've begun priming the woodwork.  We are hoping to make some progress on this room this weekend.  Stay tuned for updates.

On a side note, last weekend while I was in Lafayette, we visited some antique shops and I found this great little dresser for our home.  The entertaining part of the purchase would have been anyone watching us (us being me, my mom and aunt) trying to fit this in our cars (which it didn't) and then trying to tie down a trunk lid so that it didn't flap in the wind with the dresser protruding from it.  We learned that our fairly new cars don't have holes into which to hook a bungee cord.  My trunk instead was tied down with a thin piece of string tied from the inside of trunk to the screws that hold on my license plate.  The dresser is living at my aunt's house until I get a bigger vehicle to haul it home.  At least we have a fun story to tell about this dresser.