Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Same walls, different looks

It's that time of year when Greg, my brother Jon and Greg's buddies head off for northern Wisconsin for their annual fishing trip. With the house to myself, I recruited my Mom and Aunt Marilyn down to visit to help with the next house renovation. They truly are the best because I don't know of too many people who are willing to spend their 3-day weekend working on someone else's house.
Since Greg had fixed the hole in the dining room ceiling last weekend, this weekend we could change the color in the dining room. After collecting 20+ colors of orange paint samples, I had given up on Greg's wish of an orange dining room. All the oranges I could find were either too bright or dark. I found a greyed brown that we agreed upon (I think Greg just gave in). One day while waiting for Greg in Home Depot I wandered the paint section and came across the Ralph Lauren section and found Suede paint and a lovely orange color called Ranchito Red. Apparently what ranchers think is red, I think is orange. Either way, Ranchito Red Suede is now what covers our dining room walls. Kudos to Greg for constantly reminding me that he wanted an orange dining room. It looks really great. It's amazing that paint can look like suede. When Greg returns home, he can install the crown molding. It's time for me to make some curtains.

Dining room before we painted it orange.
Dining room before we painted it orange.
Dining room after it is primed.

Dining room is Ranchito Red Suede.

In addition to the dining room, we began to strip wallpaper. Normally I stick to our 'one room at a time rule' but it's hard to turn down the offer of those willing to strip the wallpaper that covers our plaster walls, ceiling and even the back of a door. The wallpaper in the hallway that leads to the back door came down quite easily. The kitchen required the use of a steamer but still wasn't too bad. Now, to select a color for the kitchen walls. Can't wait...

Sammy, our renovation mascot.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yes, we have a working dishwasher

We seem to work on the house in spurts. The last couple of weekends have been spent camping and traveling to Indy to visit friends. This weekend we stayed home and worked on the 'list'. This list focused on projects I wanted Greg to complete before he leaves for his annual fishing trip next weekend.

1st up: hooking up the dishwasher. The dishwasher arrived a couple weeks ago and we were excited to have some time to get it set up. Greg's plumbing and electrical skills came in handy once again. Happy to report that the first dishwasher use didn't leak and it cleaned the dishes. Someday, we'll get a new countertop.

Next Greg set out to fix the hole in the dining room ceiling. We've had this hole since late last year when the upstairs bathroom plumbing leaked into the dining ceiling. My goal is to paint this room while Greg is fishing so I needed the ceiling finished first. Not only did he get the hole fixed, but he also filled in some cracks/holes in the walls, removed the radiator and took down the old ceiling trim. We learned that in prior lives, the dining room was a pinky beige with border that tried to look like wood trim and before that it was hunter green. Stay tuned to see what color it will be next.

While Greg was busy with his projects, I cleaned the house and finished the cabinet in the basement bathroom. I added one last coat of white paint and installed the door knobs.

I'm sure you've been waiting in suspense, wondering why we HAD to clean out the garage a few weeks ago. Your wait is over. The reason was because we needed extra space in the carport. During inclement weather, we need a place to store our new hammock. I've been wanting a hammock for years. We agreed to buy it as our one year anniversary gift. Hard to believe it has almost been one year. The hammock has already arrived so we've been relaxing on it under the carport since the season of April showers has extended into May. It has been quite relaxing to swing on the hammock to the sound of rain hitting the metal roof.