Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot and Sticky Squirrels

You know it's hot outside when you see squirrels doing this.....

 Squirrels lounging on the windowsill of our neighbor's upstairs window.  We watched them scale the brick to get to this window in the shade.

Squirrel lounging in the shade on our front stoop. 

One squirrel climbing the brick like spiderman, the other lounging on top of the limestone detail of our house.

It's another hot one today, currently 102.  Hope everyone out there is doing what you can to stay cool.

A Good Night's Sleep

I'm a bit behind in updating our blog.  Back in June, for some unknown reason, our master bedroom ceiling fan started to make a weird noise.  After a poor night of sleep due to the the noise, Greg bought a new fan.  We now have a new quiet ceiling fan.  Dreams can now resume.