Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surviving the Storms

We've been under a storm and tornado watch much of the day.  Seems like most of the Midwest is under this watch.  The wind took a hold of a tree by our sunroom and split it in half.  No longer need to trim limbs!  Luckily when it hit the house it didn't do any damage.  Thanks to Greg and our neighbor Tim for sawing the big limbs.  After the clean up, Greg drove off to Jasper for his weekly softball game (amazingly, not canceled due to very little rainfall in Jasper today) but when he was driving through Ireland it began hailing. Luckily he was in Dimples, which has survived a hailstorm in the past (hence the name Dimples) so not too concerned about damage. Hope he makes it home without any other issues.

It is no longer storming but who knows what the night has in store.  Hope everyone stays safe out there!
 Yesterday was a  nice sunny day.
 Today, the clouds were not so nice

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to Fenland

Today we put on the first coat of paint in the living room. Sherwin Williams calls the color Fenland.  Not exactly sure what Fenland is but if it means that our room feels like a new land, I guess it is true.  Loving the way it looks so far.  The photos make it appear a bit more yellow than it really is.