Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surviving Summer in Washington - Part 2

We met with our contractor today and discussed our options regarding HVAC in our home.  We do like the benefits that we would get with a new system - central air, uniform heat, humidity regulation.  We like the quality and efficiency of the products that would be installed.  The estimate is more than we expected, but we really didn't have any strong numbers on which to base our guesstimate.  Time to meet with a bank and see what type of financing we can get to support this much-needed/wanted remodel. 

Even though we won't be the ones actually performing this remodel, we will have some mini-projects to complete before any work would start - like taking down the drop ceiling in the basement.  With the addition of air conditioning, our remodeling schedule can extend to a full 12 months.  In the past, the months of May - Sep were unusable...way too hot in our house.  Now, we won't have any excuses.  Plus, we will have plenty of time at home this year because we won't have money left for traveling.  Good thing we had a lot of trips last year.

On an unrelated but important side note:  Just a reminder to everyone to help my brother Jon Dewing reach his goal. If you don't know, he's raising money for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society as he trains to run a marathon in May. Every little donation helps, even if it's just $5 or $10 - it all adds up! http://jondewing.com/

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surviving Summer In Washington - Part 1 (of ????)

Today we took our first step in the next phase of our home remodeling - we met with a contractor to discuss central air.  After living in our house last summer in 98 degree temps, I knew I couldn't do that again.  Plus, our local movie theatre that we would visit as a two hour refuge has closed.  I don't want to spend extra hours at work so we have to make our home livable May - September.

We walked through the house with the contractor and talked about likes/dislikes regarding our current HVAC or lack there of.  We talked about our ideas and he gave us his professional opinion.  For example, we considered installing geothermal, but as we suspected, our lot isn't big enough.  We discussed potential areas where we could install ductwork and how to connect it together from basement to the 2nd floor.  Over the weekend, Greg went the extra mile insisting that we draw the floorplan for the contractor (brought me back to my drafting days).  The contractor was very happy to have the drawings to take with him.  Kudos to Greg!   He will return next week to discuss estimates and options with us.
We know this isn't going to be an easy or cheap job but being able to get through the summer without getting heat rash, without sleeping in the basement and actually inviting people over to hang out will be a very welcome change.  I hope you'll be able to visit.