Hall Bath Renovation: Day ?

Originally I had done well keeping track of the hall bath renovation's daily progress.  Then things started to change.

It started with being unhappy with the tile installation on the floor and requiring part of it to be pulled up and redone.

We met with the cabinet maker.  We didn't like any of his countertop options so we had to search elsewhere for a countertop.  We lost a little time with this delay.

Then the biggest surprise came along:  Vann Tyree was born May 20, 2015.  We rushed to the hospital to meet him and brought him home two days later.

On May 22, our date to bring Vann home, the contractors were sanding the drywall.  Thankful for us, my Aunt Marilyn was home with Quinn.  She took Quinn to daycare and she cleaned up the drywall dust in the house. Thanks Marilyn!

Since Vann has joined us, we've had some progress but not as much as we had hoped.  We hoped it would be done by now.  Life doesn't go as planned, does it?

 Herringbone tile for the sink backsplash, without grout.

 Greg stripped the door.  Still needs stained.  We are using the same solid door.  Woodtrim re-installed around door.  Needs sanded and painted.

 Greg and I painted the walls light grey.
 We didn't like how the shower tiles met the ceiling so Greg installed tiles on the shower ceiling to finish it off.

This week they are grouting the herringbone backsplash, installing the cabinets and hopefully connecting the plumbing.  

Can you find the tile that is turned the wrong direction?  Character :)


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