A little catching up...

Over the weekend, we had a visitor.  A woman who lived in our home 40 years ago.  I always love hearing their memories of this house.  Everyone I talk to seems to love living here.  I feel the same way.  It's large but still feels homey and cozy.  When she lived here, there were five bedrooms and only one bathroom upstairs.  I'm grateful it's now four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs.  We gave her our blog website so she could see all of the changes we've made.  That's when I realized it's been almost one year since I did a blog update.  While we didn't get as much done as we'd liked last year, we did make some updates.

The upstairs hall bath renovation is finally complete.
Vanity countertop installed. 
Bathtub reglazed.  

Shower curtain hardware installed
Vanity sink and faucet installed 
The bathroom was usable mid July 2015.  February 2016 we finally painted the trim.

Our bathroom before

Bathroom now


I always think our home looks best in the fall.  The colors just fit the season perfectly.  

In November 2015 we thought the basement drain kept pushing water up and getting our basement wet.  We finally realized that wasn't the case; we had a leak.  It took months to find the cause.  After numerous contractors.  After Greg dug a hole through the garage floor.  After we tore up the floor at our backdoor (Greg and I can't fit through the crawlspace hole).  Eventually found the issue in the line in our backyard.  Since we can't fit in the crawlspace hole, we decided to build a trap door in the floor, which then led us to tearing up the bathroom floor next to the hallway so the flooring would all be the same.  Caused more work then but much better in the long run.

Fixing the floor began in March 2016.

 What's next?  Just have to wait and see.


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